Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Few Clarifications

I’ve gotten some feedback that people are confused about what exactly ShadowFax and CIS(Theta) are. I don’t blame you since CIS(Theta) has referred to a cluster for several years and now it doesn’t!

Everything I talk about in this weblog now comes under the aegis of CIS(Theta) the “Computing & Information Sciences Thinktank.” In other words, everything I do in room 429 at Baldwin Senior High School relating to teaching with technology and learning with technology as well as setting up and using a Linux cluster is part of CIS(Theta) and is described in this blog.

So, the new Linux cluster could not be called CIS(Theta) any longer. We had a “rechristening” ceremony and renamed our cluster ShadowFax. However, technically speaking, this was not a rechristening as this cluster is comprised of all brand new hardware. Now, you may ask, where does the name Shadowfax come from? It’s a name taken from JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. ShadowFax is the Lord Of All Horses and Gandolf’s swift steed! Since, our new cluster is SO fast, what better name could we choose?

Hope that helps,

A. Jorge Garcia,

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