Sunday, May 24, 2009

SAGE: We got the Green Light!!

It was touch and go there for a while.  In these tough economic times, we thought the school budget vote would not go well this year.  So I was down to one section of AP Calculus BC instead of two and one section of AP Computer Science instead of two – and forget the new course I proposed: Calculus Research Lab (CRL).

But wait, our future at CISTHETA is not so bleak after all!  The school budget passed with flying colors, so we’re on!  I have my 2 sections of each AP again and we finally got the approval for CRL!  Many thanx go to my ChairPerson and Principal for their intervention behind the scenes as well!

Now, I have to do some more research on how my students will do Calculus on ShadowFax, our linux cluster!  I would like to spend most of the year having them do projects using Sage and end the year with Octave and R.

SAGE: Software for Algebra and Geometry Exploration (similar to Mathematica) is available at and  Octave (similar to MATLAB) is available at  R (similar to S-plus) is available at  I found several free texts in pdf format that should be helpful: (Numerical Computations with MATLAB)

Good Luck,
A. Jorge Garcia

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