Friday, September 2, 2016

BSHS 2016-2017 Week 1: Welcome Back!

BSHS 2016-2017 Week 1:
Welcome Back!

It's our first week of classes back from Summer! 

Tuesday was all about Seating Charts and Book Cards and Syllabi and the Original Sound Track of a A Beautiful Mind playing in the background. I tried posting everything I could on Edmodo so as not to kill trees and have time to start a lesson! PreCalc was amazed by Radian Mode. AP Calc was floored by 2-Sided Limits. AP CompSci managed to log into the server from class, begin and login from home via TeamViewer!

Wednesday was our first YouTube Wednesday. Of course, we had to start with Tom Lehrer's New Math with an explanation of base 8 numbers and positional arithmetic!

Thursday was a regular day of class but we did celebrate Star Trek Day 9/8/16. This day marks the 50th anniversary of the live broadcast of the first ever Star Trek episode on NBC at 8:30 pm! I am told that I saw it live when I was 4 years old....

I know it's not YouTube Wednesday, but Friday I had to start with the "Frozen PreCalc" Filk by one of my students. She wrote this filk to show that even though you may struggle at first in this class, there is hope if you work at it!

OK, here's some of the handouts from the first day:

Teaching with Technology, 

Well, that's all folks,
A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math, Physics and CS
2017 NYS Secondary Math PAEMST Nominee

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