Sunday, February 16, 2014

UPDATES: SmartBoards and FlatScreens and IdeaPads, oh my!

Baldwin Senior High School
(5/31/11) We had a lot of upgrades this year to our PC Lab/Classroom. Last week we got all new flatscreens! Last month we got an extra wide SmarBoard (model 885ix, 79.5" wide) with a short throw projector and speakers and HDMI input!

(5/31/11) We also got some new servers, Guardian and Caprica took over where Colossus and Centuari left off. Guardian/Colossus are SSH servers for students to login into from class or from home to save their work. Caprica/Centauri are FTP servers for me to share files with my students on and off campus.

UPDATE 2/16/14: I'm using DropBox, YouTube and Edmodo instead of an FTP server now!
(5/31/11) BTW, please don't forget to contribute to my current DonorsChoose project (Lenovo IdeaPad to replace Smart Airliner Slate aka Wacom Graphire 6x8 Tablet). 
UPDATE2/16/14: That project was not funded. I'm using a Kindle HD 8.9 WiFi Droid Tablet with SplashTop plus a BlueTooth Headset Mic instead!

Nassau Community College
(5/31/11) My last picture gallery was of room B218 at Nassau Community College when I taught in that room last Summer. I wish I still had those pictures, that room is amazing. I lost some files when I moved this blog from to! Anyway, that room is 2 stories high. It occupies the center of the B tower at NCC. This room has PC Projectors and a multimedia PC station plus drops to add your own laptop. From this multimedia station you can control all the audio/video in the room. There's balcony seating all the way up the tower with several 50" HD Screens along the way, cool!
UPDATE2/16/14: I don't teach in B218 much anymore. I use B115 or B119 now.

Picture Gallery!
(5/31/11) What follows is a gallery of pictures I took in my new room at BSHS with my new Droid cell phone!  
UPDATE2/16/14: This room was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy last year! We have since rebuilt and the room is similar to what you see below. The masthead above is a more recent photo!

I hope you enjoyed this week's updates - that's all folks!

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  1. Your students are very lucky to have you. All the very best for your team!

  2. Wow, thanx for the kind words!!!