Saturday, April 16, 2011

Math Conferences 2010-2011

SDD, Baldwin UFSD: Staff Development Day
(11/2010 Math Conference)

I spoke about using SAGE in High School Math classes at my Staff Development Day at my home school, Baldwin Senior High School this past November!

T^3, Molloy College: Teachers Teaching with Technology
(11/2010 Math Conference)

Then I spoke some more about teaching Mathematics with SAGE at the T^3 (Teachers Teaching with Technology) conference this past November at Molloy College. T63 is sponsored by TI (Texas Instruments). You would think they'd be a little miffed at my supporting PC based CAS (Computer Algebra System) as opposed to their handheld version (TI-89, TI-92, TI-200, TI-Voyage and TI-nSpire CAS).
I also spoke about teaching and learning Mathematics with technology in other contexts. This would include the use of SmartBoards vs. Tablets and Tablets vs. Tablet PCs. I should everyone how I use to record my classes for and and how my students use these resources. We also talked about my YouTube Wednesday project. See the links onthe right side of this blog for examples.

LIMACON, SUNY Old Westbury: Long Island MAth CONference
(3/2011 Math Conference)
I usually speak at LIMACON (Long Island MAth CONference) as well. This year I was going to take a break from LIMACON after 20 consecutive years of attending or presenting. Then one of my students won the LIMACON award! So, just when I thought I was free, the yanked me right back into the middle of it all!
Limacon 2011
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I hope you enjoyed this week's updates - that's all folks!

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