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Teaching NCC SII M111: PreCalculus UNIT02 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions! 07/06/15 - 07/09/15

Teaching NCC SII M111:
PreCalculus UNIT02
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions!
07/06/15 - 07/09/15

WEEK02 ScreenCasts:
I think this week went well! We covered CH04 Exponential Functions and CH05 Logarithmic Functions as well as solving related equations. 

I hope that the students are getting acclimated to the expectations of the Harvard Curriculum. Said curriculum was one of the first to embrace the use of Graphing Calculators and the Rule of Four in the early 1990s. 

The Rule of Four, simply stated, is about how to attack a problem. You need to be able to GNAW at every problem. If you are not sure how to approach a given situation, you may look at it Graphically or Numerically or Algebraically or Wordily (aka Verbally but GNAV is not too catchy), or any combination of the above modalities.

So, students are not expected to do a lot of "drill and kill" exercises where they memorize a set of steps to solve model problems. We expect the students to apply what they learn in class to new and different situations. This text is great for that as it has tons of word problems based on real world data and applications.

Tom Lehrer's New Math (Common Core?):
Tom Lehrer's Lobachevsky:
Tom is imitating Danny in Lobachevsky

Water fountain by North Faculty Parking Lot:
View of fountain looking toward Cluster D:
View from fountain toward Life Sciences:
View from fountain toward Cluster B:
View from fountain toward Cluster E:
View from fountain toward Cluster B:
View from fountain toward the Book Store:
View from fountain toward North Lot:
Video sound scape:

Teaching NCC SII M111:
PreCalculus UNIT01
Linear and Quadratic Functions!
06/29/15 - 07/02/15

WEEK01 ScreenCasts:
We covered chapters 1-3 of the Harvard PreCalculus textbook edition 4. Chapter 1 was mostly about Linear Functions. Chapter 2 was about Compositions of Functions. Chapter 3 was about Quadratics.

We were given B123 on the first day. This room was a bit small and only had a projector. Since I use my Droid Tablet as a SmartBoard (even though I'm not ScreenCasting this Summer) I needed to lug around an old laptop and hook it up to the PC Projector everyday. So, I put in for a room change. Since my fave room B218 was taken (please see last summer's blog), I asked for B221. We've now been in the new room for 2 days and things are running smoothly. All I did was copy my TeamViewerXournal and Wabbit folders to the desktop and away we go! I didn't need my USB Mic or Screencast-o-matic as I'm following ScreenCasts from just 2 Summers ago. I also tried to get SplashTop Streamer (as it's more efficient than TeamViewer) installed on the PC Desktop, but the tech guy was on vacation and I didn't have administrator rights. Now I see B218 is available....

Tom Lehrer's The Elements:
The Elements sung by Harry Potter:
The Elements sung by Sheldon:

Here's the view from the North Faculty Parking Lot this morning!

Getting out of car:
Security Gate:
New Life Sciences Building:
Nassau Transit Bus:
Garden and Flag Pole by Bus Stop:
Cluster E:
Water Fountain on my way to Cluster B:
Flag Pole in the Garden by the Bus Stop:

Well, that's all folks!

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