Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teaching NCC SII M111: PreCalculus UNIT01 Linear and Quadratic Functions! WEEK01: 06/29/15 - 07/02/15

Teaching NCC SII M111:
PreCalculus UNIT01
Linear and Quadratic Functions!
06/29/15 - 07/02/15

WEEK01 ScreenCasts:
We covered chapters 1-3 of the Harvard PreCalculus textbook edition 4. Chapter 1 was mostly about Linear Functions. Chapter 2 was about Compositions of Functions. Chapter 3 was about Quadratics.

We were given B123 on the first day. This room was a bit small and only had a projector. Since I use my Droid Tablet as a SmartBoard (even though I'm not ScreenCasting this Summer) I needed to lug around an old laptop and hook it up to the PC Projector everyday. So, I put in for a room change. Since my fave room B218 was taken (please see last summer's blog), I asked for B221. We've now been in the new room for 2 days and things are running smoothly. All I did was copy my TeamViewer, Xournal and Wabbit folders to the desktop and away we go! I didn't need my USB Mic or Screencast-o-matic as I'm following ScreenCasts from just 2 Summers ago. I also tried to get SplashTop Streamer (as it's more efficient than TeamViewer) installed on the PC Desktop, but the tech guy was on vacation and I didn't have administrator rights. Now I see B218 is available....

Tom Lehrer's The Elements:
The Elements sung by Harry Potter:
The Elements sung by Sheldon:

Here's the view from the North Faculty Parking Lot this morning!

Getting out of car:
Security Gate:
New Life Sciences Building:
Nassau Transit Bus:
Garden and Flag Pole by Bus Stop:
Cluster E:
Water Fountain on my way to Cluster B:
Flag Pole in the Garden by the Bus Stop:

Well, that's all folks!

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